Special Thanks to:
University of Washington Professor Terry Swanson, for providing much of the website content. Thank you so much for the concept guidance and incredible mentorship to fulfill this project!

Other special individuals who were great help: 
David Tucker, Western Washington University – Helped in locating erratics around Western Washington and very kindly promoted the website.
Dale Middleton – Offered excellent project inspiration and support and promoted the website
Tom Foster – Provided some photographs used on the website. You can visit his website and see more of his wonderful pictures at
Ali Nikkhah – Assisted with the technical work on the website
Professor Ed Waddington, University of Washington – Offered great support when getting started
Dan McShane, Engineering Geologist – Provided information about erratic clusters in Central Washington

And to everyone who sends in erratic reports – Thank you!! I really appreciate your involvement!

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This website was a research project carried out and developed in 2013 by Ashly Padgett.